Please Support Lord Jesus

All Over The World Poor People /

Beloved Readers, in The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to support Lord Jesus Christ. What is the use of money when it’s on the bank, the bank has profit, a lot of people on Earth live life in a difficult situation. There are a lot of help organisation, in according with others, just to make (big) money out of poor people, as sample, Tsunami, Earthquake etc. If you look at your heart, you should like to help so many, all is not possible. That’s the system. What to do now?

Get some brand new Idea

You know the story, about a poor man, he met a rich fellow, how was not greedy, stated to give him everyday something, in the same village, there was a other rich man and very greedy and selfish, and he was talking with the other rich man who was not greedy, and said: ‘ones you give a little, they come everyday, give him a fishing-rod and he can help him self.’

A totally new vision, the not greedy rich man said: ‘When he can help himself he will not come here any-longer, (and may he will be an concurrent) It’s a nice person, he is helping, even if my wife is sick he will make the food, the wonderfully thing is I did not ask him to do so, out of him self, he started to work, so in this was, he is helping himself.’

Beloved Reader, what you think about that?

I I tell you, that I need you support, do I ask you money?, sure I need also money as most of people on earth. I tell you why: I need to buy 3 plots of land, near the International Airport, on top of it, I should like to start with a glass house. in the middle of the plots, the outer sites, using for making vegetable, but likes to do it organic, without poison. One plot is 1,365 euro x 3 = 4,095 euro. Anyone who like to support. Later on, I should like to make a kind of a church, to be exact: The Brothers and Sisters In Christ meeting place, or something betters. I wish also to have a brand new laptop, with for one year Internet connection, going to the cyber cafe, give some hassle, connections are not real good, very slow, many times load shedding, (this because the Nepali Government is corrupt.)

A little later I will come back with update’s, sure also for giving answers to question’s/reply’s/comments. Just for now: And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them.


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