60 hours… Nov14 by Cristian Mihai

60 hours…

And $499 left to raise.

Thanks to recent contributions from Ysabel, Cecilia, and Maggie, we’re now even closer to reaching to goal.

The goal that is standing between me and my next novel being published. Between me and my future as a writer. Between me and the future of this blog.

Anyone who contributes $25 or more will have a blog post reblogged. On top of any perks they might select from the campaign page. And there are plenty of those; all of which granting you added exposure for your works, website, etc.

If you like my writing, if you enjoy my blog posts, if you believe in my dream, you can help me out by contributing any amount you see fit here.

It matters. It’s crucial. It’s my future we’re talking about.

Hi I am in need off 1.00.000 euro… can you help me? Fist of all I need a laptop, only 12,490,080 Nepali rupees… Can you help me… next I need… that’s why… 1.00.000 euro… All small is after all a big thing!

Deal with the faults of others as gently as your own

Once again, thank you all for your donations and comments and support. I would have given up on this project a long time ago if it weren’t for you guys.


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