Bad Dreams / Scream

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Heavenward and unfaltering gaze

Of optimism and unceasing praise

Persevering in God’s work of love

Empowered by His Spirit which has descended like a dove

Filled with gladness all the day long

Uttering thankfulness in word and song

Listening to the Lord with open mind and heart

Never forgetting his word; not letting his wisdom depart

Ever mindful of Jesus’ death and resurrection and our eternal future

Saved forever from our humanly faulty and sinful nature

Savior Jesus will come soon and lead us to his everlasting home.

Let nothing stop you

People easily find excuses not to fulfill their duties, believers easily find an excuse not to witness for Jesus and not to do what He commanded them to do but we must not allow anything from stopping us to follow Jesus Christ and from DOING what He commanded us to do. In the holiday season people are with family and then they stop following Jesus, they stop witnessing. They compromise because there are so many other things with which they occupy themselves, things that distract them.
Here where we live the national power grid is falling to pieces and we have frequent power cuts. Two days ago the Lord told me to buy a generator. This morning the power was off. You might be hearing the noise of the generator faintly in the background. If we follow Jesus He will guide us and we WILL DO what He commands us to do, we will not look for excuses but we will follow Jesus and GO where He sends us, DO what He tells us to do without excuses. Because when Jesus sends us we WILL NOT FAIL. We will DO what He tells us to do and we will accomplish that for which He sent us.
Do not look for a way out. Look to Jesus and He will ENABLE you to do that which He called you for. Stay focused on Jesus and He will guide you into fruitful service with NO EXCUSES.
May Jesus bless you.

Saul was afraid of David because the LORD was with David but had abandoned him. (source)

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me


Debut single out NOW!!


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Vers van het land, met zorg gemaakt

Op zorgboerderij De Beukenhof, net buiten Breda, komt alles vers van het land. De yoghurt, kaas en andere zuivelproducten zijn met liefde gemaakt. De koeien en varkens hebben de ruimte. En de groentes worden met zorg groot gebracht. Dat alles door de handen en volle aandacht van onze deelnemers. (klik voor meer information hier)

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