Islamic Terror Attacks on Christians

(Last updated on Monday, February 16, 2015)

Date Country City/State Killed Injured Description
2/14/2015 Libya Sirte 21 0 Twenty-one Christians are abducted by Islamists, forced to their knees and then beheaded.
2/5/2015 Syria Damascus 10 50 The Army of Islam sends rockets into mainly Christian neighborhoods, killing ten residents.
2/4/2015 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A priest is beheaded by the Islamic State.
1/31/2015 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A Japanese journalist who converted to Christianity is beheaded by caliphate members in the name of Allah.
1/23/2015 Nigeria Bantaje 1 0 Muslim extremists butcher a pastor and father of two.
1/21/2015 Syria New Sabri 2 35 A Fedayeen suicide bombing takes out two Christians.
1/17/2015 Indonesia Tamadue 5 0 Muslim terrorists murder five Christians in two attacks.
1/17/2015 Niger Zinder 1 0 An angry Muslim mob burns a church with one person inside.
1/13/2015 Egypt Luxor 1 0 A Muslim radical shoots a 38-year-old Copt to death.
1/11/2015 Kenya Mombasa 1 0 Terrorists kill a priest during a church service.
1/6/2015 Egypt Cairo 2 0 Two men guarding a church are shot to death by extremists.
1/4/2015 Nigeria Kantoma 2 10 Two people preparing for church are shot to death by Fulani terrorists.
1/2/2015 Nigeria Ambe-Madaki 15 40 Fifteen villagers are massacred when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian village.
1/1/2015 Nigeria Gombe 0 8 A suicide bomber detonates at the entrance of a church service.

A church for Muslims: Compassion not suspicion

And there they preached the gospel. (source)

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adrian-churchPastor Adrian Rodriguez has been preaching the gospel, translated by his wife, to about 30 people every Sunday in a church on the outskirts of Hartford, Connecticut, and not one of the congregants is Christian. All of them are Muslim. “We’re dealing with very hardcore Muslims,” he says of the immigrant refugees from the Middle East who are drawn to his church. “They’re very indoctrinated. But God is speaking to their hearts.” Pastor Adrian’s response to America’s burgeoning Muslim enclaves is perhaps Christianity’s best model: View them with eyes of compassion, not with eyes of suspicion. With 375 Muslims per 100,000 residents, Connecticut is the 14th most Muslim state in the nation, according to a Huffington Post article in 2012. The number of mosques has doubled to more than 2,100 nationwide since the year 2000, according to a survey. While most Americans are not hostile towards Islam according to reports, there has been concern about radicalized youths. The Homeland Security Department estimates 100 U.S. citizens have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

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Also there is worry the courts may allow certain Sharia law practices under the First Amendment. Pastor Adrian, 47, knows all about this. His own wife made her way to America from Iraq in order to form a home in an arranged marriage when she was 16. Because she was beaten, she divorced after only two years, he says. Years later, she met Adrian and they married in 1998. A certified translator on call for courts, hospitals and law enforcement agencies, Silvia now meets people suffering under the sometimes-heavy hand of foreign customs. More often, she buys groceries for the destitute people she translates for on behalf of authorities. The pastoral couple shares dinners with Muslim families, slowly becoming friends while exemplifying the love of Christ. “You can’t just flat-out talk about religion,” Pastor Adrian says. “You have to gain their trust. That’s why they come to our church. It takes months of loving them and being a part of their lives.” Pastor Adrian and his wife have been reaching out to Muslims in and around Hartford for six years – and still they don’t have a single convert. “It’s hard for them to accept Christ because they have been told all their lives that he was just a prophet,” Pastor Adrian says. “Their religion is so much a part of their identity. They feel that if they give up their religion, they have nothing left.” So Pastor Adrian preaches about God’s love. He shows Jesus’ teaching and ministry style in his sermons. The Muslims seemed to love the message. But when he recently broached the subject of Christ’s divinity, attendance dwindled, he says. “It’s been wonderful planting this church,” Pastor Adrian says. “It’s been challenging. And it’s been discouraging because you want them to wake up and see what you see.”One Muslim lady has had tears in her eyes as she listens to sermons. “She’s touched,” he says. “It’s something she’s never experienced before.” Still, she hasn’t accepted Jesus into her heart. In a national context in which the governor of Louisiana and the president of the Family Research Council have alleged that America has Muslim “no-go zones” where law enforcement doesn’t enter, Pastor Adrian’s life and ministry seems to offer a more Christ-like response to Islam.Show the love of Christ, don’t just rile emotions to shore up your constituency. It’s also likely a viable counter-terrorism measure since it reaches out to the alienated and destitute families that research shows are prone to resorting to fanaticism. Pastor Adrian is not so sure about the extent and impact of his church. To him, it’s simply a matter of leading people to Christ. He also cautions against excessive alarm. He says he’s never encountered cases of threats against conversion, though both in American and from Iraq family members have pressured congregants to not convert. “They see that we’re different,” Pastor Adrian says. And so they keep coming.

And of some have compassion, making a difference: (source)

miraculously deliver

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by godinterest

The saying is proverbial: “People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you #care.” There is a measure of truth in that.

Consider the case of Jesus #Christ. Much significance has been attributed to Jesus’ deep emotional response to his friends’ weeping, and his own tears. Weeping demonstrates that #Christ was a true man, with real bodily functions such as tears, sweat, blood, eating and drinking.

The book of Hebrews states. “For we have not a high priest that cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but one who has been tempted like as we are, yet without sin (4:15).” Of special interest is the term “touched.” the meaning is to feel with and our English “sympathy” is derived from this word.

Below we present Heart Touching Photos Posted on Godinterest in February 2015


…a child of the Erbore tribe, #Ethiopia


…Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds a 2-week-old kitten named Miss Hap after her mother had been killed during a mortar attack in #Korea.


The #Lord is not going to miraculously deliver us from the physical effects of a sin-cursed world. It is noteworthy, though, that as we suffer, we may be assured of his genuine sympathy.


The very first wedding photo Wu Conghan and his wife Wu Songshi were able to take after getting #married 88 years prior.


…..Specialist Dean Oldt, a marksman with the 101st Airborne, is reunited with his father. “Does Jesus care, when our hearts our pained, too deeply for mirth and song? When the burdens press and the cares distress, as the day grows weary and long?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes, he cares, we know he cares; his heart is touched with our grief.” Our knowledge of this fact is grounded in the biblical information we have just surveyed. Be comforted by it.


….A survivor finds a photo album and cherished memories in the remains of his home after an earthquake in Sichuan, China.  When we are afflicted with disease, pain or loss of life, he cares. When we are grieving the loss of dear ones, he cares. When we are confused, and in a maze of misdirection, desperately needing leadership, he has compassion for us. When we are mistreated, he feels for us.

When we dredge ourselves into the mire of sin, he grieves over that disaster. When, in hardness of heart, we even hatefully oppose him, he continues to feel for us. Is this not absolutely amazing? How can one continue to resist him in view of these wonderful truths? Can not the “goodness of God” lead us to repentance (Romans 2:4)? And what of our need to exhibit compassion to others? Can we not exclaim: “I will show compassion to others, because my Savior first showed compassion to me” (cf. 1 John 4:19)?

How the environment of our society, our homes, and our churches would be transformed if more adorned themselves with the mantle of compassion. What do you think?

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Nothing clever, nothing conceived, nothing contrived, can get the better of God. (source)


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WHO data

The 10 leading causes of death in the world, 2000 and 2012

Ischemic heart disease, stroke, lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive lung disease have remained the top major killers during the past decade.

HIV deaths decreased slightly from 1.7 million (3.2%) deaths in 2000 to 1.5 million (2.7%) deaths in 2012. Diarrhea is no longer among the 5 leading causes of death, but is still among the top 10, killing 1.5 million people in 2012.

Chronic diseases cause increasing numbers of deaths worldwide. Lung cancers (along with trachea and bronchus cancers) caused 1.6 million (2.9%) deaths in 2012, up from 1.2 million (2.2%) deaths in 2000. Similarly, diabetes caused 1.5 million (2.7%) deaths in 2012, up from 1.0 million (2.0%) deaths in 2000.


George Washington Slept Here

“I not being so good a woodsman as the rest of my Company striped my self very orderly and went in to the Bed as they called it when to my Surprise I found it to be nothing but a Little Straw—Matted together [and] one Thread Bear blanket with double its Weight in Vermin such as Lice and Fleas etc.”

Thus George Washington, at age 16, confided to his diary. The year was 1748. He was largely self-taught, far from home, trying to learn the surveyor’s trade.

Eventually the father of his country would sleep in a very great number of beds, so that one of them seems suitable enough as an object at hand. All through the 1750s he traveled the Western wilderness, first as a surveyor, then as a colonial officer. He had two horses shot from under him in battle, helping England fight France for possession of the continent. After some years building up Mount Vernon as a farm, in May 1775 he was off to Philadelphia as a delegate to the Continental Congress. He would be back soon, he wrote Martha after he left Mount Vernon, but it was eight and a half years before he got home for good.


Fight for the Future

I should say: “We all want a better Future” ‘Fight’ is so cheap, everyone knows how to fight, and seems somehow they like it, strange! Strange for me, a world without any fight, without any war… can you Imagine it? Anyhow, I got mail. I copy/past it, may you like it.

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It was a blast, and I feel so lucky that I got to travel so much sharing my art with the world. But as you might assume, it wasn’t exactly the most lucrative profession.
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For me, saving the Internet is personal. I know that I never would have been able to travel all over the world playing music and creating political art if I didn’t have access to the open Internet, and the ability to use it to connect to my audiences online and off. If we lose that freedom, we’ll lose a lot more than funny cat videos. We’ll lose so much creativity, expression, and innovation – the stuff that shapes what tomorrow will be like.
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And now something complete something else!

I have to go to the Netherlands, and I can't go back to where I am now... kind of sad ;-( ...I have to go to The Netherlands, and I can’t go back to where I am now… kind of sad ;-( …

A just weight and balance are the Lord’s: all the weights of the bag are his work. (source)

प्रभु क्षमा दिनुहुन्छ

loof die Here, lavdërojnë Zotin, الثناء على الرب, փառաբանում Տիրոջը, Rəbbə həmd, goraipatzeko Jaunaren, славіць Госпада, পালনকর্তার প্রশংসা, hvale Gospoda, хвалят Господа, lloar el Senyor, sa pagdayeg sa Ginoo, Ambuye alemekezeke, 赞美主, 讚美主, hvale Gospodina, chvála Pánu

ca ngợi Chúa

Today Dutch news…

Wow! Men heeft een UFO op beeld weten te vangen bij de zon, die net zo groot als onze maan is.
Deze beelden hebben verbluffende details.
Toen men op 24 december 2014 de Helioviewer online bekeek, was het goed zichtbaar dat deze driehoek de zon verliet.
Het vertrek van deze driehoek, veroorzaakte een flinke zonnevlam explosie.

Is dit weer de zoveelste ruimteschip in de serie die de zon gebruikt om bij te tanken?