Let Christ guide you through his spirit!

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God speaks in many ways (source)

God speaks in many ways because He cares for us. Those who care for God, who want His approval, who want to be pleasing to Him, they LISTEN and they HEAR Him, they are sensitive to His guidance because it matters to them to be pleasing to God.
Jesus said:”My sheep HEAR My voice and they FOLLOW Me.” It is because they CARE, they WANT TO follow Him, they WANT TO be pleasing to Him. If we love Jesus we will be SENSITIVE to His guidance. He will speak to us in many ways. All things are His servants, everything belongs to Him and He will use anything to direct us, nudge us, call us, but if we don’t care and we are not sensitive, if we ignore Him then we WILL NOT HEAR HIM.
Do we CARE to be pleasing to Jesus? Do we really love Him? Do we SEEK His guidance? Are we SERIOUS about our relationship with Jesus? Do we WANT TO be pleasing to Him? If we seek Him, we find Him! If we draw closer to Him He draws closer to us and He reveals Himself to us. God speaks in many ways, but are we listening? If we LISTEN we will HEAR Him LOUD and CLEAR!
May Jesus bless you.

The righteous offer guidance to their neighbors, but the path of the wicked makes them wander. (source)

Now something personally about me; Abeltje

I have to tell you bad news: I am already years very sick. Yesterday evening, night it was really heavy, 11 x everything came out off my mouth, and my shit was just like water, everywhere pain, nighttime, not good sleeping, also in the daytime not good sleeping, there was even a moment I thought I was dying but a you see I did not do that. So I should like to go to the hospital, unfortunately I have no money to pay the hospital

And so Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Beloved readers, I someone can help me out, it should be great

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That was it for today, hopefully I will be again healty enough to do this Job, talking about Jesus.

Now a large crowd spread their clothes on the road. Others cut palm branches off the trees and spread them on the road. (source)

Eat to live, not live to eat

What Can I Share Today?

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Here we are,  Monday already, how the times flies by!
As we begin a new day, opportunities lie before us, opportunities to make money, to get things gone and to cross off everything on our “to do” lists.  But there is another opportunity we might consider: We also have the opportunity to make this a great day that we never forget.  I  that making this such a memorable day will have all that much to do with our “to do’s” to be honest.
We also have the opportunity to share with someone; to share in a way that they will not soon forget.  We can share the love of Jesus Christ today!
In all likelihood this will not involve any preaching, however.  More likely this opportunity involves an act of kindness or empathy.  It might involve sharing with someone who has less than we, or it might involve listening and showing compassion.  It could even be as simple as a smile at just the right moment, or an “atta boy.”
Making a difference isn’t really all that hard, it simply requires that we pay attention and then respond in a way that gladdens the heart of another.  Who knows?  If this becomes a habit, that other person might just ask what it is that you have and that they don’t and then you can tell them about your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Oh yes, that would be a memorable day indeed!


Liars often set their own traps

Whoever welcomes you welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.

I have great news to tell you, my Beloved Followers… Do you know Marco Roberto Borsato? Never met in person,…

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All those who work for me know that I have always welcomed strangers. (source)

Beginning is easy; continuing, hard

Marco Roberto Borsato

Alkmaar, Netherlands

Alkmaar, Netherlands

Beware the door with too many keys.