Just because something is common sense doesn’t mean it’s common practice


But Jesus said, “You feed them.” “But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish…” (Luke 9:13 NLT)

Jesus Christ and his disciples went to Bethsaida and an enormous crowd (around 5000 men without counting the women and children) followed Him. He spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing all day long. The day seemed like heaven on earth but late in the afternoon the disciples came to Jesus Christ saying: “Send the crowds away to the nearby villages and farms, so they can find food and lodging for the night. There is nothing to eat here in this remote place” (Luke 9:12 NLT)

But Jesus said: “you feed them.”

This world is like that crowd… Hungry, needing healing, thirsty for the water of life that only comJesus Christ! But we, as His disciples, how many times do we go to Him saying: “I’m afraid! I don’t have the talents or I don’t have the money to help them. I don’t know what to do! They must go and find help somewhere else Lord!”

His answer was and still is the same today for you and for me: “you feed them.”

The disciples looked at each other and answered Jesus Christ: “But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish…” In other words: “what we have is not even enough for ourselves. How are we supposed to share it with more than 5000 people?”

Jesus said to the disciples: “have them sit down in groups of about fifty each.” And when they did so, He took the five loaves and the two fish and gave thanks and broke them. Then He gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people. Everyone ate until they were satisfied and at the end the disciples picked up twelve basketful of broken pieces that were left over.” A great miracle, isn’t it?

In the same way Jesus Christ works through us! It is when we obey and give to Him all that we have… It is when we start doing what we can with what he has already given us, that He will take our offering and perform a great miracle for the world. Divine power with human cooperation! That is how it works. When we give, He gives us more to distribute to others, because the more we give, the more we will receive.

This concept does not only apply with material things. You think you don’t have a talent to do what He is asking you to do? Well, “Successful work for Christ depends not so much on talent as on earnest, dependent.” If you start doing what you can and know how to do it by faith, He will send His Holy Spirit to guide you and to instruct you.

But you have to start now!

Don’t know what to do for Jesus Christ yet? Start with what you got, and then you will see the heavens open to you!
“It is more blessed to give than to receive”. (Acts 20:35 NLT)

God bless

” share with loved ones…”


Just because something is common sense doesn't mean it's common practice

When Jesus got into a boat, his disciples followed him. (source)

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