After the war, aid

Please remember “God grant me a good sword and no use for it” What you wanna do with a sword in the time of peace?

Beloved Readers, Y’day I got the information, that within 5 day’s I got 115x people how have opened the page/site… Cool, I like to have some more! *Incl. Jackie Jackson, the older Brother of late Michael J. Jackson!!!)… Now seriously; seriously I don’t care, even if No-One is watching, but I have written about something I can not  explain so-much… and I will continue cause I have to tell something to one-self, (me) and don’t forget, any one, on the world, they like it, they read, they don’t like, they don’t so-simple… I am not waiting for being famous… To have a lot of fan’s… Yeah it’s sales… And… Bill Gates,,, Just have the mouse pointer in his name…

Let’s go somewhere… Don’t think so deeply, where to go, cause the real you, have already made a choice.

War is sweet to those who haven’t experienced it

See you next post, plz reply on one of more of my post’s, something personal:, please spammers’s please don’t waste my time, don’t bore me, thanks