Don’t cry before you are hurt

The past.

Personally, I’ve made a number of mistakes that I would, at first thought, go back and change if I had the opportunity to do so. I also have my fair share of those “If I knew what I know now back then…” moments.

Each of us is imperfectly perfect.

I try to remember, though, that while the past is part of who I am now, it does not define me.


Road to…

May all know how much problem’s you will have, if you are on the wrong road, and the right (correct) road is miles and miles away… What I did not know, It was looking far far away, but usually it was/is nearby. I got nightmares, dreamed about a place to go, but it was so scary, monsters, snakes, fire, hell, torture, sin, etc… Then somewhere I met (again) the Lord Jesus Christ in my dreams, so real, it was as if He was standing in my room, did not say anything, just a smile, both hands reached out. If you look at the painting, to express, what can not been told, you see in-between the red figures, a small path, a man is waiting for me, can you see the beautiful mountains?



Before I came to Lord Jesus Christ, I had an nightmare, in the middle of the night I was screamingFive‘, so load, that my neighbors and myself woke up. You may see, on top of ‘5’ the head of an snake. Both paintings are made with watercolor paint, from a nearby stationary: “Digo, Shanti stationary”, Kaski, Pokhara, Nepal.



Comoros‘ is totally off topic, found it beautiful, that’s why I shared it with you Beloved Readers