I turned to see the voice which spoke with me

Isaiah 59:2…


(Isaiah 59:2)

“But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear.…”

It’s a time of year when many people think of happy and festive things. It is a time for considering blessings of every kind. We desire thoughts of peace, comfort, and joy…of love and tender kindness.

And, despite the rather ominous text of scripture above, this post will follow along those same lines of thankfulness and hope. But the kind of appreciation here will reach beyond the confines of this world and the things in it.

Isn’t it odd the kinds of thoughts which can strike us at any particular moment? One example is this idea which occurred to me recently. It came to me while making a comment on one of my favorite blog sites.

I began to wonder…‘what do people consider to be the most unsettling aspect of hell?‘ Is it the “weeping and gnashing of teeth?” Is it the utter darkness? Is it the promise of unmerciful fire with no end?

Perhaps the answer is yes to each one of these. After all, hell isn’t supposed to be enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination!

But as I thought more about this, something else occurred to me. In fact, it may not even come to mind right away for most people. Yet when we consider this consequence, it becomes even more terrible than the things mentioned above.

For those who will face an eternal damnation, they will live forever being completely separated from God! These poor souls will never again know any kind of love nor blessings nor kindness whatsoever…

Things on earth can be considered very troublesome at times, even where God is still present. But try to imagine the ravages of eternal punishment when the Father is completely absent…unavailable to anyone there. What a vile and unspeakable kind of place to find one’s self enduring!

Therefore, one of the greatest blessings which the true Christian can carry with them is the relief of being spared such an existence as that.

Our God loved us enough that He gives us the opportunity to hope for a home in His courts above. And everything in heaven is the complete opposite of this appalling home in the dungeons of hell!

How blessed are we who have come to the obedience of the gospel and live in the Light of the Lord! This reward is greater than anything we can imagine and it has been promised to those who believe and obey the Lord’s commands.

So then, let us keep this thought, not only at this time of the year, but always! Rest on the promise that we will have this home one day…

May each of you have a wonderful and loving holiday season!

church of Christ

Heaven’s Door (2012) Film Complet en Français

And I turned to see the voice which spoke with me. And having turned, I saw seven golden lamp-stands, (source)


See, He finds occasions against me, He counts me as His enemy; (source)

Words should be weighed not counted

Tomorrow (not today) every pot will find its lid

So I searched and I searched

And this is the promise that He has promised us: everlasting life. (source)

I heard it was the end
But Heaven was near
So I searched and I searched
And eventually came here
But it was too late
The door was now closed
“What did you expect”
Asked the God I opposed




The door was now closed

My near ones have fallen away, and my close friends have forgotten me. (source)

Closed Door


Always keep an open mind

Open Mind

Don’t cry before you are hurt

The past.

Personally, I’ve made a number of mistakes that I would, at first thought, go back and change if I had the opportunity to do so. I also have my fair share of those “If I knew what I know now back then…” moments.

Each of us is imperfectly perfect.

I try to remember, though, that while the past is part of who I am now, it does not define me.


Road to…

May all know how much problem’s you will have, if you are on the wrong road, and the right (correct) road is miles and miles away… What I did not know, It was looking far far away, but usually it was/is nearby. I got nightmares, dreamed about a place to go, but it was so scary, monsters, snakes, fire, hell, torture, sin, etc… Then somewhere I met (again) the Lord Jesus Christ in my dreams, so real, it was as if He was standing in my room, did not say anything, just a smile, both hands reached out. If you look at the painting, to express, what can not been told, you see in-between the red figures, a small path, a man is waiting for me, can you see the beautiful mountains?



Before I came to Lord Jesus Christ, I had an nightmare, in the middle of the night I was screamingFive‘, so load, that my neighbors and myself woke up. You may see, on top of ‘5’ the head of an snake. Both paintings are made with watercolor paint, from a nearby stationary: “Digo, Shanti stationary”, Kaski, Pokhara, Nepal.




Comoros‘ is totally off topic, found it beautiful, that’s why I shared it with you Beloved Readers