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The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Beloved President Barack Obama, self I am against war/violence, but I know the need of it; protection.

Now my question, Can you help a friend of mine, his name Gopal Shrestha he lives in Pokhara Nepal, he is suffering from HIV, on it’s self no problem, cause he takes 3 pills a day!, Now 52/53 years young, and he wanna clime the Mt. Everest, there for he is in need of a lot of money, not only to clime, but also other thing, plz see his website: (click here). If may you can make advertisment for him in the White House, and tell to others, Let that fellow clime. It’s should me great.

Thanking you very much,

Abeltje Quintijn

Gopal said: You can help me……I need your support all of my well wishers, friends, relatives and viewers. Your support not for only my dream, its for campaign.