Fight for the Future

I should say: “We all want a better Future” ‘Fight’ is so cheap, everyone knows how to fight, and seems somehow they like it, strange! Strange for me, a world without any fight, without any war… can you Imagine it? Anyhow, I got mail. I copy/past it, may you like it.

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Dear Fight for the Future member,
You probably don’t know this about me, but before I came to work here at Fight for the Future, I was a touring musician for about eight years, and traveled all over playing quirky acoustic punk songs in basements and bookstores, sometimes with my kid in tow. He’s four now and has been to 14 countries while on tour with me.
It was a blast, and I feel so lucky that I got to travel so much sharing my art with the world. But as you might assume, it wasn’t exactly the most lucrative profession.
So today I wanted to send out a very special shout out to all the people on our email list who love the Internet and are ready to fight for it, but are too broke to donate!
Hey, we’ve all been there. But here’s the awesome thing: this month, we got picked by CREDO Mobile to receive donations from them, just based on how many votes we get.
Here’s your chance! You can help us get desperately needed funds to support our work for net neutrality, online privacy, and internet freedom WITHOUT HAVING TO DONATE. Just click here and check the box to vote for “Fight for the Future.”
It takes less than a minute to vote, and it could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in donations that we desperately need to combat urgent threats to online free speech. From Big Cable’s attacks on net neutrality, to the looming threat of CISPA-type legislation, to the “secret SOPA” Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, we’ll use every penny of the funds that CREDO gives us to battle for the future of the Internet as a free and open platform where we can express ourselves and exchange ideas
For me, saving the Internet is personal. I know that I never would have been able to travel all over the world playing music and creating political art if I didn’t have access to the open Internet, and the ability to use it to connect to my audiences online and off. If we lose that freedom, we’ll lose a lot more than funny cat videos. We’ll lose so much creativity, expression, and innovation – the stuff that shapes what tomorrow will be like.
That’s why I’m proud to get up every day and work at Fight for the Future, and that’s why I hope you’ll help keep us fighting.
If you’re NOT a starving artist or otherwise broke, we’re counting on you!
Please click here to chip in $10 (or more!)
And if you’re one of us going paycheck to paycheck, we salute you! You can still help by clicking here and voting for Fight for the Future to receive funds from CREDO Mobile this month!
Thanks so much! So glad to have you on Team Internet.
-Evan at Fight for the Future
P.S. We want to give a very special shout out and thanks to CREDO, and not even really because they picked us to receive donations this month. They’re not only one of the few wireless companies that support Title II net neutrality (both they themselves and the bigger network they piggyback on) but they’ve been core partners in the coalition organizing to win it. They’re one of the only companies that are so serious about opposing NSA surveillance, they agreed with us that the USA Freedom Act didn’t go far enough. When few other groups were willing to help, they threw down a donation for tents and food at Occupy the FCC. So, thanks CREDO!
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I have to go to the Netherlands, and I can't go back to where I am now... kind of sad ;-( ...I have to go to The Netherlands, and I can’t go back to where I am now… kind of sad ;-( …

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