The Changing Seasons of Time


A good spectator also creates

Autumn leaves fluttered and fell like colorful snowflakes outside.
“Where had the summer gone,” I wondered and nearly cried.
Now that the leaves were gently littering the ground
I sighed knowing full well that winter must soon come.
I sat down to quietly think and reflectively contemplate
About time continuing on and how seasons of change do not hesitate.
Oh how I remember when I was so young
And winter then was so blissful and fun
The first snow would fall and I’d wake on Christmas morn
To discover gifts of love beneath the tree wrapped in lights and garland
Such memories flood of past holidays and quiet moments with family
When we all celebrated Jesus’ birth on Christmas Eve.
Then the long, colorless winters dragged ever so relentlessly on
Each day more frigid than the last, “Oh, winter, please hurry and be done.”
Fields and forests of falling and mounting snow
Accompanied by the howling wind; biting and bitterly cold
I must admit that a meadow of pristine, drifted snow untouched by man
Is a spectacular sight of frozen waves sculpted by God’s unseen hand
Wondrous too is the scene of glistening snow covering leafless trees
When barely touched by sunlight’s stretching gleam.
Sledding and building snow forts were the rage
For all of us who were still young at age
Finally, relief and hope would appear upon the horizon
As temps would climb and patches of snow began receding
Soon spring would appear, never fear, never fear
The first robin sings perhaps enchanting a family of resting deer
Warm rain showers the land clothing it in vivid lush green and
Sprinkling it with violets and daisies, while dandelions quietly creep in
Spring ushers in the steady warmth of a sultry, hazy summer
Humid days often a prelude to flashes of lightning and resounding thunder
Wide awake I’d lay in bed listening to the raging, drenching storms
Often anxious for my working dad who was yet not safely home.
The cooler summer days were a joy and a heavenly treat
The days were slower allowing for walks and restful peace
Then autumn swings its way into this gentle, settled life
Causing an unwelcomed stir with a wind of urgency and strife


And ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s. (source)
No more warm evenings or long, quiet strolls along the road
Must now prepare for the bitter cold and the heaping snow.
But lo! Before chilling winter unceremoniously bursts through
I will first gladly enjoy autumn’s sweet fragrance and gently fading hues.