What do you see when it’s dark

I had promised to write a song, on request, so I did!

(Music start, after silence) (no problem, there is; ‘cool edit’) (Softly) Let me first ask you a question (This 5x, difference in accords, with 2 voices Male/Female) (An other gent voice – Leader of the band) Let me ask you first a question (For 1 min same music, than it’s different) (blank, music is there, no voice)

What do you see when it’s dark, It’s Dark, Cold, Raining, You are sad Dreaming, hoping, for a better future But now, know how, I feel lonely In the dark, don’t know if it was real, or not Standing on a bridge Looking down, see the water, clime to the railing, Standing there, ready to jump… From my right-side a soft tender voice whispered: (Music change) He brother, come to me, Don’t go there, it’s cold and wet If you jump everything will be gone, others will cry For what?, For what? (Music change) Wake up my brother, it’s time to help me Wake up, it’s time to wake up (music change) For breakfast, I prayed; Thank you Jesus, without you I was gone Please help me, thanks (Music goes slow and soft, on the end🙂 Amen

Song, written by Abeltje Quintijn, No ‘2014, request, same lyrics, other music… (don’t forget to put it on YouTube, thanks)


Now a Dutch song (from a long time ago, I wrote it when I was 7 years young) Als ik alleen ben, bent U dan bij me Jesus u weet van Verdriet en pijn Help me te leven, zoals het ‘t bedoelde Mag ik Uw eigen vrientje zijn